Travel photographer wannabe.

Have been lucky enough to see my work in:
Lonely Planet: Australia (17th edition), cover photograph
Lonely Planet: Sydney (10th edition)
Lonely Planet Traveller (Sept 2013)

I sell pics on:
Getty Images


Lithgow - Glow Worm Tunnel on Flickr.
I had to scrap my car recently, and bought an old Jeep to replace it. Being a 4WD, it allows me to access some places I couldn’t previously. Here’s one of them — a disused rail tunnel in dense forest near Lithgow, Australia, now home to a large population of glow worms, only visible in complete darkness. It’s really hard to photograph anything properly inside, so I settled on taking a pic of myself walking into the tunnel lol.
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Goulburn Sunrise on Flickr.
I made an early morning trip to Goulburn, a rural country town 2 hours from Sydney a few days ago. There aren’t many stock photos of Goulburn, so I thought I’d get some pics in and offer something different. On the way back, my car broke down. And had to be towed back into Goulburn. A mechanic had a look, said the engine was busted. So I scrapped my car for $200 and bought a crap one for $1,400 the same night. And drove back to Sydney.  These photos better sell! 
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