Travel photographer wannabe.

Have been lucky enough to see my work in:
Lonely Planet: Australia (17th edition), cover photograph
Lonely Planet: Sydney (10th edition)
Lonely Planet Traveller (Sept 2013)

I sell pics on:
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Bass Point Gravel Loader on Flickr.So, I drove 1.5 hours south yesterday, took a few pictures of this old gravel loader in the rain, and drove 1.5 hours back. Good times. 
Bass Point, NSW, Australia.
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Port Kembla on Flickr.I don’t usually process photos in a dark, desaturated manner, because I think bright & colourful pictures work better as stock photos, so this is something new to me. 
Port Kembla, Wollongong, NSW, Australia.
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Opera House Fireworks on Flickr.
There are fireworks going off every night around 8pm behind the Sydney Opera House currently, as part of a Madama Butterfly opera being staged. Finally managed to capture them after getting the time wrong 3 or 4 times!
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Australian National University on Flickr.Canberra, Australia - March 14, 2014: A woman walks down steps before the John Curtin School of Medical Research at the Australian National University
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Manly Ferry goes past Sydney Opera House on Flickr.
Sydney, Australia - March 18, 2014: A Manly ferry passes the Sydney Opera House, underneath pink and orange clouds at sunset.
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Central Park Sydney on Flickr.Street-level view of the One Central Park tower, located within Central Park Sydney at Broadway.
Completed in 2013, the futuristic mixed-use development features vertical gardens running down its facade and functions as a shopping mall and apartment complex.
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Royal Botanic Gardens on Flickr.Paris? Egypt? No…the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.
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Australian Stock Exchange on Flickr.Sydney, Australia - March 5, 2014: An office worker and taxi going past are reflected in the glass display of a trading screen at the Australian Stock Exchange on Bridge Street.
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